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"Alejandro Colucci's powerful illustrations are the finest.

I am proud that he has done several book covers for my novels. He is a true artist."
Anne Rice
Best-selling Author of The Vampire Chronicles

"I love them. I think they are the best and most beautiful illustrations that have ever appeared in any of my books, whatever the language and country have been published"
Andrzej Sapkowski
Best-selling Author of The Witcher series

“Over the years, I’ve been privileged to see my characters portrayed by many fine artists, from Michael Whelan to John Howe. Alejandro Colucci has joined that esteemed group; I’ve especially enjoyed what he did with the progression of cover images of Fitz as he ages from boy to man.  A master of expression and detail, his visions of my characters look ready to step off the page.”

Robin Hobb

Best-selling Author of The Realm of the Elderlings series

"Alejandro has brought a new interpretation of the stories that I think is excellent, and very much in accordance with the way I would like to see Lone Wolf grow."

Joe Dever

Best-selling Author of Lone Wolf gamebooks

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