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Alejandro Colucci was born in Uruguay in 1966 to Italian immigrant parents and he began his career as an Illustrator and Graphic Designer in 1990. After living in Barcelona for 10 years, he now works in London since 2012, where he lives with his wife and partner, the designer Daniela Bertúa.


Alejandro is an award-winning artist who has illustrated hundreds of fantasy, crime, horror, historic fiction, and science fiction publications across the globe commissioned by major Publishers mainly throughout Europe and the USA.


Best-selling authors such as Anne Rice, Robin Hobb, Isaac Asimov, Mario Puzo, H.G. Wells, Ursula K. Le Guin, Andrzej Sapkowski, William Gibson, Steven Erikson, Joe Abercrombie, Robert Louis Stevenson, and J.G. Ballard, to name just a few, showcase Alejandro's illustrations in their books. 


He works in a variety of techniques both traditional and digital mediums. His illustrations engage the viewer to give an emotional response to his subjects, as is shown in El Arte de Alejandro Colucci published by Dolmen Books, an extensive 200-page full-color book showcasing 330 of his atmospheric illustrations. 


He and his wife are the founders of the Design company Epica Prima.

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